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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to report sales tax to a seller?

Individual sellers are not eligible for tax calculation service or sales tax reporting. Individual sellers do have access to other order reporting that include any Marketplace Tax Collection amounts. To begin using Tax Calculation Service, switch to a Professional selling plan.

Do you have to pay sales tax when you sell on a marketplace?

If you sell on a marketplace, that marketplace is required to collect and remit sales tax on your behalf. However, you are likely still required to hold a valid sales tax permit and file sales tax returns in states where a) you have sales tax nexus b) your marketplace collects and remits sales tax on your behalf.

How do I generate a sales tax report?

Do not use this report to remit sales tax. Select Reports and click Tax Document Library. Under Sales Tax Reports, click Generate a tax report. In the Generate sales tax report pop-up window, select the Report Type, and select the reporting range, either by Month or Custom dates. Click Generate.

Do you have to pay sales tax when you sell on Amazon?

Important to note: Amazon now collects sales tax on sellers’ behalf in most states with an Amazon fulfillment center. The below information applies to states that do not require Amazon to collect sales tax on sellers’ behalf .

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