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Frequently Asked Questions

How to calculate the shipping charge on Amazon?

Amazon calculates the total shipping charge to the customer as follows: $4.00 + $0.50 x (25 lb. + 1 lb.) = $17.00. Item-based example: You set a per-shipment rate of $4.00 and per-item rate of $1.00. A buyer orders two products from you. Amazon calculates the total shipping charge to the buyer as follows: $4.00 + $1.00 x 2 items = $6.00.

Can you calculate shipping cost based on weight?

In other words, it is unprofitable for freight transport companies to calculate shipping costs for low-density products based on the weight since the area they take up is more in proportion to their actual mass.

How to calculate the volumetric weight of an Amazon parcel?

Once you get the billable weight of your Amazon parcel, you can easily calculate the costs to ship it to your customers and factor in your margins. Calculate the volumetric weight of your parcel to get a better hold on your shipping costs with the FREE Amazon Volumetric Weight Calculator.

How is the volumetric weight of a shipment determined?

This volumetric factor depends on the units of measurement, and to a certain extent, the carrier used to ship the products. Once the volumetric weight is ascertained, it is compared with the actual weight of the shipment.

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