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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best theater in Sellersville PA?

Sellersville Theater is a premier venue located in Sellersville, PA. Sellersville is known as one of the best live entertainment cities in Pennsylvania, if not all of the United States, and places like Sellersville Theater are a big reason why.

Is the Washington House next to Sellersville Theater?

John W, The Washington House is one building, and Sellersville Theater 1894, originally the carriage house for The Washington House, is right next door. You can have din… more

How often does Sellersville Theater have live shows?

It’s the perfect date night or night out with friends. The venue is available to rent for weddings, presentations, meetings and special events and boasts an impressive live show schedule of five or more shows per week.

Who was the country singer at Sellersville Theater?

I went to see the fabulous and spirited Phil Vassar, he is a country music artist who has written some hit songs for Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Colin Raye and Jodee Messina. He is also one of the most under appreciated talents in country music. His songs are emotional, touching, spirited, fun and uplifting.

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