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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best theater in Sellersville PA?

Sellersville Theater is a premier venue located in Sellersville, PA. Sellersville is known as one of the best live entertainment cities in Pennsylvania, if not all of the United States, and places like Sellersville Theater are a big reason why.

When did Sellersville Theater in New Hope PA Open?

Since opening in 2002, Sellersville Theater has become a vital stop on the East Coast circuit for musicians and comedians. Specializing in an ambitious, eclectic mix of top name artists and great new talent, the delightful venue is renowned for its sound quality and intimate shows.

How often does Sellersville Theater have live shows?

It’s the perfect date night or night out with friends. The venue is available to rent for weddings, presentations, meetings and special events and boasts an impressive live show schedule of five or more shows per week.

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