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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Amanza Smith from Selling Sunset?

The Oppenheim Group family grew by one when season 2 of Selling Sunset welcomed newcomer Amanza Smith. The latest addition to the luxury real estate group was first spotted alongside owner Jason Oppenheim and fellow realtor Mary Fitzgerald — as we learned on the show, all three have been friends for years.

Who is Amanza’s ex-husband&dad to her children?

Selling Sunset 2: Who Is Amanza's Ex-Husband & Dad to Her Children? The Selling Sunset star got married to former NFL player Ralph Brown in 2010. However, they got divorced after the birth of their second child.

What happened to Amanza Smith's ex-husband?

RELATED: Selling Sunset ’s Amanza Smith Shares Update on Missing Ex-Husband: ‘He Doesn’t Want to Be Found’ His marriage to Smith was short-lived. Brown, who played football for the University of Nebraska and was a fifth-round draft pick for the New York Giants in 2000 before retiring in 2009, married Smith in July 2010.

What happened to Hannah Brown from Selling Sunset?

He was still around when Smith began filming Selling Sunset. Smith told ET that Brown disappeared about two weeks into filming season 2 of Selling Sunset. She joined the cast for seasons 2 and 3, and Netflix has not yet made an announcement about a fourth season.

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