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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a semester at sea program?

Not your typical classroom experience, a Sea Semester program involves on-going active learning and is both a ‘study aboard’ and ‘study abroad’ at the same time. Semester at Sea programs often involve sailing between oceans, islands and countries, so your ship is your home, classroom, and research lab.

How many classes do your students take in a semester?

In University Programs, a full course load is normally 5 courses per semester, or 15 semester credits. No students may register in more than 18 credits per semester.

Why is semester at sea?

SEA Semester ® provides an experiential opportunity to gather firsthand knowledge that will influence students' lifelong relationships with the ocean. As our society becomes more aware of how integral the oceans are to the planet, from climate patterns to energy production to the origins of life itself, we must also understand how to conserve these important resources.

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