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Frequently Asked Questions

What sympathy flowers to send?

Sending sympathy flowers is the best way to express your sincere condolences. Send a sympathy bouquet with delicate pastel tones or opt for a classic white arrangement with roses or lilies. Types of Sympathy Flowers: Lillies. Roses. Gladioli. Chrysanthemums. Carnations.

What kind of flowers do you send in sympathy?

What Kind of Flowers Are Sent for Sympathy? Lilies. Lilies are the flower most often associated with funerals and sympathy arrangements. ... Roses. Roses, especially white or pastel-colored roses, are popular in sympathy arrangements. ... Carnations. Carnations are often arranged with other types of flowers in sympathy arrangements. ... Chrysanthemums. ... Gladiolas. ...

What to send to funeral instead of flowers?

Memorial Donations. Memorial donations are also an alternative to sending flowers. Memorial donations can be made to the family, the funeral home, a charitable organization, or to a specific account. The family will typically specify the type of memorial donations they desire in lieu of flowers.

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