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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cost for series 65 exam?

If you are sponsored, you will submit a Form U-4 through your employer to open your Series 65 exam registration. If you are not sponsored, you will open your exam registration as an individual directly with FINRA. You will receive a 120-day window during which you can take the Series 65 exam. The Series 65 exam costs $175.

Do I need a sponsor to take the series 65 exam?

You do not need a sponsor to sit for the Series 65 exam. Individual applicants (those not affiliating with an existing firm) can submit a U-10 form. Just fill in "Not Applicable" where the form requests a sponsor.

What is the best way to study for the series 65 exam?

While preparing for the exam, take care for yourself: Do some physical exercise Eat foods that are good for you and that promote concentration Allow yourself some downtime for doing things you really love and that are NOT connected to the Series 65 exam Talk to colleagues also going through the testing process (but do NOT compare notes about how far along you are in your studies) More items...

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