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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you replace a lost Series EE bond?

How to Replace a Lost Savings Bond. Losing a savings bond does not mean losing the money. The same government agency that issues the Series EE Bond also tracks lost bonds. All you have to do is ask Treasury Direct for help to track your lost savings bond by filling out and filing the right form.

What to know about Series EE Savings Bonds?

The US Treasury produces two types of savings bonds: Series EE and Series I. Series EE bonds, sometimes called Patriot Bonds after 2001, differ from Series I because they are guaranteed to double in value after 20 years. They are meant to be a long-term, low-risk investment and are available in any amount from $25 to $10,000.

What to do if you lost a series I savings bond?

For Series I savings bonds (as well as series EE bonds) that are lost, destroyed, or stolen, you'll need to file a written claim with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service by filling out FS Form 1048. You'll need to have your signature certified according to the instructions included on the form.

What to do with Series EE Savings Bonds?

If you have Series E, EE or I bonds, another option is to use the Smart Exchange at TreasuryDirect to convert your paper savings bonds to electronic bonds, which will make them much easier to monitor and redeem (you can link your TreasuryDirect account to a bank account).

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