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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Series EE Savings Bond?

Series EE bonds are a type of savings certificate issued by the U.S. government through the Treasury Department. Savings bonds can be purchased at banks, through payroll savings plans and direct from the Treasury at the Treasury Direct website.

How do you find savings bond values?

To calculate the value of savings bonds, bond owners enter the denomination, series and issue dates of the bonds into the calculator, according to TreasuryDirect. By changing the date of calculation, owners can find out what bonds were worth in the past and what they are worth in the future.

How much is my savings bond worth?

Savings bonds are a way for average Americans to buy U.S. government debt. U.S. savings bonds are considered one of the safest investments that you can buy because they are backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. Government, and most have a face value between $50 and $10,000. 1 2

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