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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate the value of a series Ee bond?

Electronic EE bonds are sold at face value. Paper EE bonds are sold at 50 percent face value. Calculate the interest for the first six months. Divide the annual interest rate (from the Treasury Direct rate table) in half and multiply by the original value. Add the result to the bond’s original value.

Is a series Ee bond a good investment?

Series EE bonds provide certain tax advantages that may be desirable to some investors. While interest paid on series EE bonds is generally subject to tax on the federal level, such interest is exempt from state taxes. For investors in high tax states, this can provide a significant boost to their effective rate of return.

Should you invest in Series EE bonds?

In fact, many people looked at them as a sound investment. The money is guaranteed, and if you purchase EE savings bonds, you can expect your investment to at least double in value at maturity . 1  They're also exempt from state and local taxes, and from federal income taxes if used for education. 2 

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