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Frequently Asked Questions

How long for Series EE bonds to mature?

Series EE bonds are designed as long term investments. They earn interest for a maximum period of 30 years after they are issued. Thus, a Series EE bond with a 20 year term will continue earning interest for 10 years after it matures.

Is a series Ee bond a good investment?

Series EE bonds provide certain tax advantages that may be desirable to some investors. While interest paid on series EE bonds is generally subject to tax on the federal level, such interest is exempt from state taxes. For investors in high tax states, this can provide a significant boost to their effective rate of return.

Do EE bonds earn interest after maturity?

EE bonds earn interest until final maturity, which is 30 years from the date of issue. Find the issue date on your paper bonds, or check the date of issue and final maturity of electronic bonds in your account at TreasuryDirect.

When does a series Ee bond mature?

If it's a series EE or series I bond, then it matures 30 years after the issue date. You can find the issue date right under the series name, on the upper right corner of the bond. Series HH bonds mature 20 years after the issue date.

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