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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a series Ee bond a good investment?

Here's some investing advice about whether series EE savings bonds are a good investment choice for you. Security. Despite the warnings of some investment professionals, U.S. savings bonds are generally considered to be among the absolute safest investment options .

How do you calculate Series EE bonds?

Leave "EE Bonds" selected from the drop-down menu, and select the denomination of the bond's face value from the "Denomination" menu. Enter the serial number for the bond. This is a long series of numbers preceded by one letter, located on the bottom right of the bond Enter the issue date,...

What is the value of Series E savings bond?

The original Series E was known as the War Bond and helped finance the American participation in World War II. Series EE bonds can be purchased with a face value of as little as $25. Face values are also available in penny increments over the base $25.

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