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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of technology does servicelink use?

Today, ServiceLink leads the market thanks to its exclusive technology platform, EXOS, that seamlessly integrates with its clients’ core operations, with innovative consumer touchpoints for a complete digital experience. Valuations Hit the ground running with valuation services that put your borrowers first.

What do you need to know about servicelink valuation solutions?

Servicelink Valuation Solutions provides capital markets professionals with a suite of valuation due diligence solutions that protect against collateral overvaluation in existing portfolios and in potential new acquisitions.

What does servicelink do for a mortgage broker?

ServiceLink offers solutions that allow mortgage brokers to deliver nationwide valuation reports that meet high-quality standards. ServiceLink works on behalf of brokers as an independent third party to ensure the delivery of necessary documentation.

Who is the parent company of servicelink flood?

In addition to the financial strength and reputation of our parent company, ServiceLink Flood's determinations are secured by a substantial errors and omissions insurance policy. Committed to being the most responsive flood data firm in the industry, SLF has made customer service the primary focus.

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