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Frequently Asked Questions

What does servicelink national flood data service do?

ServiceLink National Flood provides flood hazard data services, including flood zone determinations, aerial dispute resolution products, FEMA community data, portfolio reviews and Elevation Certificates. Learn within seconds, at no cost, a property's likelihood of being in a high risk flood zone.

Where is servicelink flood located in Arlington TX?

500 E Border St. 3rd Floor Arlington, TX 76010 Phone: 800.833.6347] Fax: 800.456.7938

Which is the first provider of FEMA flood data?

ServiceLink National Flood is the first flood data provider to replace the paper flood maps with a complete set of digital FEMA flood maps. This innovation gives ServiceLink National Flood the most accurate and comprehensive nationwide GIS coverage in the industry, producing higher hit rates and quicker turn-times.

Where can I view my floodapp order online?

Completed orders can be viewed online or delivered via e-mail or fax. Some of the featured functions include: Receive time service delay notifications and manual determinations via e-mail

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