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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of company is servicelink mortgage company?

Servicelink is a company that no one should ever deal with. They never recorded my rental property after refinancing. I have been pulling hairs trying to communicate with them for over 3 months with no resolution. They just keep tossing me from one person to another.

Do you have to have a servicelink account to use servicelink?

ServiceLink complies with the legal requirements in effect in various states. As a result, some services may not be available in certain states, and in some states, the precise services may differ from the general descriptions provided.

Who is the parent company of servicelink flood?

In addition to the financial strength and reputation of our parent company, ServiceLink Flood's determinations are secured by a substantial errors and omissions insurance policy. Committed to being the most responsive flood data firm in the industry, SLF has made customer service the primary focus.

What kind of title insurance does servicelink offer?

EXOS Title allows ServiceLink to offer traditional title insurance through a digital experience. EXOS, powered by artificial intelligence, performs an immediate title clearance on land records data, delivering a completed commitment in seconds.

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