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Frequently Asked Questions

How does servicelink determine the value of real estate?

ServiceLink determines true real estate value and qualifies collateral risk through: EXOS Valuations Setting new standards for market and consumer expectations. When lenders place orders with ServiceLink, they experience the power of EXOS.

What do you need to know about servicelink mortgage?

ServiceLink offers each borrower a fast, easy and convenient suite of home valuation solutions coupled with the largest and most knowledgeable appraiser network to determine true real estate value and to qualify collateral risk — all delivered via EXOS Valuations.

Who is servicelink valuation Solutions, LLC ( AMC )?

ServiceLink Valuation Solutions, LLC, (“ServiceLink”) is a registered Appraisal Management Company (“AMC”) in all states with AMC licensing requirements.

What was the best thing about working for servicelink?

Loved working for ServiceLink the company has strong values and the people became life long friends. they have a lot of support available for anyone that needs it and are always willing to help you become the best you can be at your position. Was this review helpful? This is a terrible company.

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