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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of services does servicelink offer?

ServiceLink offers a comprehensive product suite, including all valuation products, and continually invests in the development of new technology, like EXOS Valuations. If growing your business and providing the very best service is important to you, look no further.

Which is appraisal scheduling platform does servicelink use?

ServiceLink’s EXOS platform is the industry’s only appraisal scheduling solution that allows real estate agents or their clients to select the exact date and time of the appointment that is convenient for them. EXOS is the technology of choice for signing agents.

What does servicelink do with the EXOS platform?

ServiceLink’s comprehensive default portfolio management and decisioning platform delivers visibility of assets throughout the entire default lifecycle. EXOS Valuations was developed with and for appraisers.

How does servicelink work as a signing agent?

ServiceLink leverages EXOS technology to provide our signing agents with the industry’s easiest way to schedule and manage signing appointments. Easily syncs to your personal calendar. Customize your availability on a weekly or daily basis, to maximize where and when you want to work.

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