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Frequently Asked Questions

How to join the servicelink vendor network?

Easily syncs to your personal calendar. Customize your availability on a weekly or daily basis, to maximize where and when you want to work. EXOS quickly auto-assigns orders as they come in eliminating phone calls and a bid process. Join the ServiceLink Signing Agent Panel Do your best work.

How does servicelink help with default management services?

Default Services End-to-end default management services and technology By providing comprehensive services throughout the life of the loan, ServiceLink is able to ensure the highest quality service backed by EXOS' best-in-class technology and an unrivaled team of dedicated industry experts. Reduce holding times and decrease costs

What does servicelink do for mortgage servicers?

ServiceLink’s default loan servicing, bankruptcy and foreclosure services provide solutions for mortgage servicers and attorneys. ServiceLink REO Asset Management streamlines the management and disposition of properties.

What kind of technology does servicelink use?

Today, ServiceLink leads the market thanks to its exclusive technology platform, EXOS, that seamlessly integrates with its clients’ core operations, with innovative consumer touchpoints for a complete digital experience. Valuations Hit the ground running with valuation services that put your borrowers first.

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