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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enable approval required for an entity?

On the Manage Entity page, from the grid, select the row for the entity that you want to enable Approval Required for. Click Edit, select Approval Required, and then click Save.

What is the difference between word approval and license?

Word Approval does not constitute a license to engage in any particular activity and does not reserve the name with the secretary of state or the Department of Financial Services.

How do I submit a name for approval?

Requests for name approval must be submitted by letter or email to [email protected] Please include in your request, the individual name, the trade name, and the type of license for which you are applying.

How do I set approval requirements in master data services?

Approval Required (Master Data Services) In Master Data Services, the administrator can set an entity to Approval Required. All the changes on this entity would require one of the entity administrators to review and approve the changes. Changes made on leaf members requires approval.

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