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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Find my OPM claim number?

Your claim number is shown on your Retirement Services Card that was mailed to you when you retired. Your claim number can be found on documents from OPM, for example, your annuity statement, 1099R tax statement, and your retirement benefit booklet.

Is the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) online?

Services Online Welcome to OPM Retirement Services Online Services Online lets annuitants (federal retirees or their spouses, ex-spouses, and children) manage their account online. Your account is securely protected by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Where do I Find my OPM CSA number?

Like a bank account number, your claim number is unique and cannot be changed. Use your claim number when signing in to your account on OPM Retirement Services Online, when completing official OPM forms, or when you call or write to us. "CSA" stands for "Civil Service Active" and is the prefix for retirees.

Is there a main fax number for OPM?

OPM Retirement Services does not have a main fax number. You should only fax us documents if an official OPM form or one of our Customer Service Specialists asks you to (the fax number will be provided on the form, or the Customer Service Specialist will provide you one.) Otherwise, you should mail us your documents.

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