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Frequently Asked Questions

What are synonyms for services?

Synonyms for Service: n. • check. v. •aid (verb) cooperation. •contact (verb) •social (verb) Other synonyms: • communication, good turn, transportation, electricity, plate. • church, convenience, courtesy, office, maintenance, shuttle, adjust, kindness, favor, duty, renewal, indulgence.

What is a synonym for service?

service(noun) a company or agency that performs a public service; subject to government regulation. Synonyms: divine service, help, religious service, table service, serving, serve, military service, service of process, avail, inspection and repair, overhaul, servicing, armed service. Antonyms:

What is a synonym for served?

Synonyms for served. "found guilty, convicted; ordered to be punished or transported; beaten," 1811, slang past participle adjective from serve (v.).

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