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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about servicestack studio?

ServiceStack Studio is a capability-based UI to manage multiple remote ServiceStack instances from either a Chromium Desktop App or cross-platform .NET Core Web App.

Where can I get free downloads of servicestack?

Pre-release MyGet Packages - The latest downloads in-between each release are available on MyGet Free for OSS - OSS projects can use ServiceStack without a commercial license Community-Resources (Blog Posts, Gists, StackOverflow, Pod casts…)

Who is service stack technologies and what do we do?

Over the years, Service Stack Technologies has served many Fortune 500 companies in almost the entire landscape of offerings on the ServiceNow platform. We have developed many turnkey solutions, digitized business processes and are specialists in implementations across the ServiceNow Landscape.

What can admin do with servicestack plugin?

For ServiceStack instances with the AdminUsersFeature plugin, Admin users will be able to manage system users, change their passwords, Assign Roles & Permissions, temporarily Lock or permanently delete users.

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