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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the service gateway implemented in servicestack?

The Service Gateway is implemented on top of ServiceStack’s existing message-based architecture to open up exciting new possibilities for development of loosely-coupled Modularized Service Architectures.

What kind of authentication is used in servicestack?

Built into ServiceStack is a simple and extensible Authentication Model that implements standard HTTP Session Authentication where Session Cookies are used to send Authenticated Requests which reference Users Custom UserSession POCO’s in your App’s registered Caching Provider.

How to use servicestack in a Windows app?

ServiceStack is an easy drop-in that simplifies creating Web Services in any ASP.NET Web App, but also in Self Hosting Console Apps , Windows Services and even Windows and OSX Desktop Apps - supporting both .NET Framework and .NET Core. The easiest way to get started is to create a new project from a ServiceStack VS.NET Template .

What makes servicestack a good Web Services Framework?

ServiceStack tooling makes it fast to Mix in additional functionality into your new or existing ServiceStack projects with templates for GitHub Actions to suit a variety of situations. Create gRPC services in a consistent way to all your other services or easily add gRPC support to your existing ServiceStack services.

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