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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the servicestack request body too large stack overflow?

Inside my logs I can see ServiceStack throwing this exception: 2020-07-20 01:57:56.0497||ERROR|ServiceStackHost|Request body too large.

How are service actions used in servicestack?

Service actions can also contain fine-grained application of Request and Response filters, e.g: This Request Filter allows the client to change the selected Razor View and Template used at runtime. By default the view with the same name as the Request or Response DTO is used.

How to use servicestack for HTTP OPTIONS request?

ServiceStack Services lets you handle any HTTP Verb in the same way, e.g this lets you respond with CORS headers to a HTTP OPTIONS request with: Which if you now make an OPTIONS request to the above service, will emit the default [EnableCors] headers:

How is the bodyasync API used in service clients?

The *Body and *BodyAsync APIs have avaialble in all Service Clients lets you post a separate Request Body for Request DTOs that implement IRequiresRequestStream where they contain both properties and a custom Request Body, e.g:

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