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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a service client work in servicestack?

The service clients use the automatic pre-defined routes for each service. All of ServiceStack’s generic Service Clients also allow you to fetch raw string, byte [] and Stream responses of any existing service, or when you need it, the underlying HttpWebResponse allowing fine-grained access to the HTTP Response. e.g With just the Service below:

How is the bodyasync API used in service clients?

The *Body and *BodyAsync APIs have avaialble in all Service Clients lets you post a separate Request Body for Request DTOs that implement IRequiresRequestStream where they contain both properties and a custom Request Body, e.g:

When to use basic or digest AUTH in servicestack?

By default BasicAuth and DigestAuth is built into the clients, e.g: Behind the scenes ServiceStack will attempt to send the request normally but when the request is rejected and challenged by the Server the clients will automatically retry the same request but this time with the Basic/Digest Auth headers.

How are C # /.NET service clients created?

Likewise for the HttpClient-based JsonHttpClient: All ServiceStack’s C# clients share the same interfaces and are created by passing in the Base URI of your ServiceStack service in the clients constructor, e.g. if your ServiceStack instance was hosted on the root path / on the 8080 custom port:

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