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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a native app for servicestack?

Generate working native client apps for your live ServiceStack services, in a variety of languages, instantly with our free managed service. This tool enables your developers, and even your customers, to open a working example native application straight from the web to their favorite IDE.

Which is the best way to call servicestack services?

The recommended way to call ServiceStack services is to use any of the C# Service Clients which have a nice DRY and typed API optimized for this use.

What makes servicestack a good Web Services Framework?

ServiceStack tooling makes it fast to Mix in additional functionality into your new or existing ServiceStack projects with templates for GitHub Actions to suit a variety of situations. Create gRPC services in a consistent way to all your other services or easily add gRPC support to your existing ServiceStack services.

How to do mapping like that in servicestack?

For example, the form posts a value to first_name but the property on my POCO is called FirstName. how would I do mapping like that in ServiceStack The ServiceStack Text serializers support [DataMember] aliases where you can use the Name parameter to specify what alias each field should be, e.g:

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