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Frequently Asked Questions

How to configure ormlite on GitHub servicestack?

To configure OrmLite you need the DB Connection string along the Dialect Provider of the RDBMS you're connecting to, e.g: var dbFactory = new OrmLiteConnectionFactory (connectionString, SqlServerDialect.

Which is the best web app for servicestack?

Fast, Simple, Typed ORM for .NET Thoughtfully architected, obscenely fast, thoroughly enjoyable web services for all Home of ServiceStack documentation. ServiceStack app and web tools for developing ServiceStack's .NET Core Web Apps CefGlue bindings for .NET Standard 2.0

Which is the.NET core version of servicestack?

The .Core packages contains only .NET Standard 2.0 versions which can be used in ASP.NET Core Apps running on the .NET Framework: Unofficial Releases maintained by ServiceStack Community:

How to use ormliteconnectionfactory in servicestack?

OpenDbConnection ( namedConnection ); return ( ( OrmLiteConnectionFactory) connectionFactory ). OpenDbConnection ( namedConnection ); return ( ( OrmLiteConnectionFactory) connectionFactory ). OpenDbConnectionAsync ( namedConnection, token ); return ( ( OrmLiteConnectionFactory) connectionFactory ).

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