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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an async Redis client based on hiredis?

An async redis client designed for simplicity and reliability. A redis client based on hiredis, supports cluster/pipeline and is thread safe and includes two files only. The transaction is on the way:)

Where can I find async caching provider APIs?

The Async Caching Provider APIs are accessible via the CacheAsync property in ServiceStack Service or ServiceStackController classes, e.g: Whilst outside of ServiceStack you can AppHost.GetCacheClientAsync (), e.g:

Which Web Services Framework supports Redis?

ServiceStack's Redis Client provides a comprehensive idiomatic typed C# sync & async library API around the NoSQL Redis Datastore . Including adapters for .NET collection interfaces over redis server-side collections as well as support for Transactions, Pub/Sub, Lua and more.

What kind of caching is available in servicestack?

As caching is an essential technology in the development of high-performance web services, ServiceStack has a number of different caching options available that each share the same common client interface (ICacheClient) for the following cache providers:

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