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Frequently Asked Questions

What did SETAF stand for in the Army?

SETAF shifted focus to regional tactical operations as a command and control headquarters for Army and Joint units.

Who is the Commanding General of SETAF AF?

Since arriving in Vicenza, Brig. Gen. Aida T. Borras, the SETAF-AF deputy commanding general from the Army Reserve component, has represented the command at engagements in Djibouti and Tunisia and served as the exercise director for African Lion 2021 in Morocco. She discussed her role in a recent question and answer session.

Where was the first SETAF base in Italy?

SETAF's first headquarters was at Camp Darby, but the largest number of soldiers had always been in Vicenza. Shortly after activation, SETAF moved the headquarters to Verona, to Caserma Passalacqua. Troop strength reached 10,000, and USASETAF was formally established with a US-Italian agreement.

When did the SETAF move to Vicenza Italy?

In 1963, SETAF lent a helping hand to our Italian neighbors when a huge landslide forced a deluge of water over the Vajont Dam in the Piave Valley killing more than 2,000 people. SETAF helicopters were the first on the scene to provide assistance. Its headquarters moved again in 1965 to Caserma Carlo Ederle in Vicenza.

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