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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Vim on a ruby machine?

vim-ruby / vim-ruby 1 Vim-ruby. This project contains Vim's runtime files for ruby support. ... 2 Installation. See the file INSTALL.markdown for instructions. 3 Usage. Ideally, vim-ruby should work "correctly" for you out of the box. ... 4 Issues. ... 5 Contributing. ... 6 Project history. ...

Who is the release coordinator for Vim Ruby?

If you're not sure who the most relevant person to contact is for your particular issue, you can send an email to the release coordinator, Doug Kearns (dougkearns at Vim-ruby is a mature project, which is one way of saying it moves slowly and it can be a bit difficult to modify.

Where can I find issue tracker for Vim Ruby?

If you have an issue or a feature request, it's recommended to use the github issue tracker: Try the search box to look for an existing issue -- it might have already been reported.

When did you first learn about VIM, by Ines?

When did you first learn about Vim? Were you one of those unfortunate souls, who just wanted to run a git command, but ended up trapped in vim? Many of us have been there. Ending up in vim accidentally is like being accidentally teleported to an unknown planet.

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