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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stephen F Austin State University?

About Stephen F Austin... Stephen F. Austin State University stands apart in the world of higher ed — it's one reason why U.S. News and World Report recognized us as a top performer on social mobility.

What is the best thing to do at SFA?

SFA is home to the largest student observatory in the state of Texas and regularly holds public viewing sessions. There’s nothing like the view of the starry sky above the East Texas Piney Woods. Catch a movie, stop for sushi or meet friends at Starbucks.

How many residence halls are there at SFA?

SFA has more than a dozen great residence halls. So choosing just one can be tough. This page will help you explore your options and find the perfect place to call home. How Much Does It Cost? Ready to apply for housing?

How many student clubs and organizations does SFA have?

In addition to the opportunities through your academic department, SFA is home to 250 student clubs and organizations! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to network with Lumberjacks who share your interests. Learn more about our student organizations.

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