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Frequently Asked Questions

Which airport is bigger, lax or SFO?

LAX is a larger airport and everything associated with people movement (security and immigration (while returning)) takes more time SFO long haul flights do not generally get delayed but medium to shorthaul flights have delays due to weather (cloud cover)

What does SFO stand for in airport?

SFO: Squad Five O (band) SFO: Starfleet Operations: SFO: Supervised Flight Operations (aviation) SFO: San Francisco, CA, USA - San Francisco International Airport (airport code) SFO: Satellite Field Office: SFO: Strathmere Festival Orchestra (Strathmere, NJ) SFO: Striking Fixed Objects: SFO: Sample Frequency Offset: SFO: Signal Flow Optimization

What is the ZIP code for SFO Airport?

The mailing address for the San Francisco International Airport is: PO Box 8097 San Francisco, CA 94123. If you’re trying to locate SFO on a GPS navigational system, enter “SFO” or “San Francisco International Airport” into the address bar. The SFO website also provides visitors with general driving directions and printer-friendly ...

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