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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the proper shade cloth?

What To Look For In Greenhouse Shade Cloth Fabric Material. There are two types of shade cloth: knitted cloth and woven cloth. ... Light Color. Gardening experts believe that a lighter-colored shade cloth resolves any issues you might encounter with ventilation, a problem common among darker or heavier cloth coverings. Percentage. ...

What material is shade cloth made from?

Greenhouse shade cloth is manufactured from knitted polyethylene fabric that does not rot, mildew or become brittle.

How to choose a shade fabric?

How to Choose a Shade Fabric Applications. What is a shade fabric? ... Shade Factor, UV Blockage & Openness Factor. Shade factor means how much a shade cloth absorbs or reflects visible and invisible light (ultraviolet radiation). Construction & Weave. ... Width. ... Fabric Content & Price Point. ... Color. ...

What is level of shade cloth?

The reference range for most vegetables is 30-50% shade cloth. Also, for the most plants shade cloth within 30-60% is ideal. However, there are some plants which require specific shading conditions. For example, orchids and ferns which are shade loving plants require 75% shade cloth to receive the appropriate levels of sunlight.

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