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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term shades of meaning mean?

SHADE means "Disrespectful". The term SHADE is typically accompanied with the verb "to throw". Someone that "throws shade" is publicly criticizing or expressing contempt for another person. Until recently, the word SHADE was mainly used in the gay community and in drag queen culture.

What is subtle shades of meaning?

Shades of meaning. Shades of meaning is a phrase used to describe the small, subtle differences in meaning between similar words or phrases; 'kid' and 'youth' both refer to young people, but carry differing views and ideas about young people. Uncluttered guitar lines set off a single word or phrase like "devotion" or "if I'd lived right" and then turn it and return to it to display subtle shades of meaning.

What does shades stand for?

What Does Shade Stand For The essence of the given name Shade stands for innovation, independence, determination, courage, sincerity and activity. It is often strong personalities who have this name. Your immense ambition makes you want to be the best. People with this name are blessed with many leadership abilities.

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