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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shade of mort'ton?

Shades of Mort'ton is a quest dealing with the strange affliction to the townspeople of a small village named Mort'ton. The player uncovers an old cure for the affliction and must help the village. It's impossible to complete this quest alone, the best is to do this quest in world 88 and do it together with other players.

How do I play Shades of mort'ton?

A player must have completed the Shades of Mort'ton quest before they can play this minigame. Playing the game can earn you Combat, Crafting, Firemaking, and Prayer experience. Sacred oil and pyre logs are tradeable, so the minigame is split into two parts, where players can participate in either one or both.

What level should I start the shades of mort'ton quest?

Combat level 81+ (to avoid constant harassment by shades). Begin this quest in World 88 as it has many benefits and is dedicated to the Shades of Mort'ton minigame. Much like the Elemental Workshop series, this quest is not started by an NPC, but rather, the player's own curiosity, and is contingent upon further exploration.

Where do the shades live in Mort Myre?

Only the weakest of the shades, called Loar shades, roam the surface around Mort'ton. The stronger shades - phrin, riyl, asyn and fiyr shades reside in the caves that they were buried in. Whatever dark force that revived them keeps them in Mort'ton, as none of these shades have ever been seen in Mort Myre.

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