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Frequently Asked Questions

Which colors match blush pink?

A sweet touch to any space, blush pink looks just right when paired with deeper hues like silvery greens and steely blues .

What are the best blush colors?

Deep shades of red, orange, and brown are the ideal blush colors for those with dark skin. "The trick is to choose a shade that looks crazy bright in the packaging," Ciucci said. These colors, unlike light powder pinks, will leave you looking radiant instead of washed out.

What is Fifty Shades of pink?

Fifty Shades of Pink: A Parody. Maggie is a klutz. Pink is an ass. When she falls into his office, it's love. Unfortunately, this enigmatic billionaire has a dark, dangerous, unspeakable secret. What will innocent Maggie do when she discovers the man who has stolen her heart is hiding

What colour goes best with bright pink?

Dark Neutrals- Traditionally, black has always paired well with pink, with navy blue making a strong appearance with fashionistas these days. Bright pink hues work extremely well with black while softer shades of pink work better with navy blue.

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