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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the natural shades of red hair?

Natural shades. Natural shades of red hair color are less vibrant than fashion shades, but they suit more people. These are the kinds of shades that actually occur naturally, and these shades are designed to allow you to look like a natural redhead. Auburn is the most common natural shade, with many different variants.

What is the best shade of red hair for You?

17 Best Red Hair Color Ideas For Every Skin Tone Light Auburn. Let a vibrant and rich auburn shade bring your hair color to life this season. ... Red Mahogany. Not ready to commit to a full head of bright red hair? ... Raspberry Hair. ... Burgundy. ... Brick Red. ... Red Velvet. ... Black Cherry. ... Strawberry Blonde. ... Bright Copper. ... Chilli Powder Red. ... More items...

What color hair goes good with red hair?

Remember that dark red hair shades are equally flattering when paired with dark eyes as well! A dark red hair shade you can't go wrong with is dark cherry reds. This dark red hair color has a violet undertone in it, and it looks gorgeous if your natural hair color is rich, dark brown or even black.

What are the colors of red hair?

Red hair is a special color as it can be categorized from levels 4 to 7 on the color scale. They can range from dark red to a very light and vibrant red. Red hair is caused by high levels of the red pigment in pheomelanin and like blondes, it is low in eumelanin.

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