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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Shakeology so healthy?

Shakeology works so well because it’s a beverage made from whole foods. It is low in calories, making it an effective aid to weight loss, particularly if you’re on a workout program.

Is Shakeology really that good for You?

Shakeology is extremely helpful when it comes to digestion and detoxification. The ingredients in Shakeology work together to maintain a balance of healthy, natural bacteria in the intestinal tract. This is extremely beneficial when it comes to irritable bowel syndrome and bowel irregularity.

Is Shakeology too expensive?

Shakeology is a healthier alternative. Shakeology is expensive, if and only if, you take the perspective of $90 (Coach) -$120 (Retail) a month IN ADDITION TO what you’re already eating and drinking. That breaks down to $22.50 – $30 a week, or even lower at $3 – $4 a day.

What does Shakeology taste like?

There are currently two main flavors of Shakeology: Shakeology greenberry, and Shakeology chocolate. The greenberry and chocolate flavors both mix easily and quickly to form thick, creamy, and satiating shakes whose taste can't be rivaled.

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