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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when you have shallow affect?

​Shallow effect happens when you show or have little or no emotions. Your response to different emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, joy disgust, trust, anticipation, surprise to mention a few is very low. If you are experiencing shallow effect then you will find yourself not afraid of anything.

What does shallow affect mean in psychopathy terms?

Shallow Affect Shallow affect has a similar meaning to blunted affect, but it is often used to describe the emotional experience of persons with psychopathy. A person with shallow affect will feel little emotion about situations that would expect to elicit specific feelings.

What's the difference between flat, shallow, and flat?

They all refer to an abnormal lack of emotional expression that would be expected or typical in a given circumstance. “Shallow” and “blunt” refer to a very limited expression of emotion, “flat” refers to zero or absent expression of emotion.

What's the difference between flat affect and restricted affect?

Restricted affect is a reduction in one's expressive range. So, the person describing the car accident may show some feeling and emotion, but it is less than would be expected based on the content of what is being said. Flat affect refers to displaying absolutely no feeling or emotion regardless of the circumstances.

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