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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shallow affect?

While in the world of mental health, professionals deal with the shallow affect, also called flat affect. People can have reduced emotional reactivity or behave in apathetic ways that can be observed in their facial expressions or mood due to neurological factors, and this is mostly where the expertise of the mental health professionals come in.

What kind of personality disorder is shallow?

Someone who embodies these traits is more likely to be shallow. They’re psychopathic. Perhaps the most popular of all personality disorders. Typical psychopaths are shallow, they cannot mentalize — understand or feel the emotions of others. They also lack feelings of guilt or remorse over their actions.

What makes a person seem shallow to you?

The first being a lack of depth in thinking, and the other is the inability to mentalize — to understand one’s emotions or the emotions of others. If someone only has intellectual depth without the ability to mentalize they usually seem shallow, also if a person can mentalize without intellectual depth, they may seem shallow.

What is the difference between a shallow person and socially inept?

Some socially inept individuals usually get lost in their thoughts as a way of dealing with social anxiety. But a shallow person is usually not interested when someone else is talking. They have no interest in understanding whatever the other person is saying, hence they are often poor communicators.

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