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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to have shallow affect?

Shallow affect means you don't seem to feel emotions as deeply as average people. It could be a result of psychopathy, frontal syndrome or blunted affect as seen in schizophrenia, although in this case it means you still feel the normal range of emotions but are unable to express it. If you have shallow affect, your emotions tend to be fleeting.

Why do I have such shallow emotions?

Another possibility is that you have been sheltered and haven’t experienced any real trauma. Or been around other people who have experienced trauma. If you’ve been nurtured and protected you would have shallow emotions. Regardless, it is possible that your emotions will deepen. Your thinking as well as your experience guides your emotions.

Do psychopaths have shallow affect?

A person with shallow affect will feel little emotion about situations that would expect to elicit specific feelings. This means that things that cause most people to experience negative emotions do not have the same impact for psychopaths.

What is shallow and deep processing in psychology?

They define deep processing as interpreting information at a semantic level by attaching meaning to information and shallow processing as interpreting information using the senses. Barker, McInerney, and Dowson (2002) examined whether different motivations and levels of processing affected memory ability.

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