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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with a narrow kitchen cabinet?

The narrow width saves space. Store cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items with Prepac’s well-designed shelf closet, which fits tall and short items. The narro… . This cabinet is the best option with three variable shelves. Put an end to slamming doors with the soft-closing hinges, and always keep your shelves leveled with the adjustable feet.

How tall and deep should a base cabinet be?

Standard base cabinets are 34 1/2 inches high and 24 inches deep. A stock wall cabinet is almost always 12 inches deep, but can come in a variety of heights -- 30 inches being the most common height. It is relatively easy to convert a 30-inch wall cabinet into a base cabinet by attaching a 4 1/2-inch platform of its own.

Where can I buy 18 " deep base kitchen cabinets?

A google search for "18" deep base counters" produced a number of results , including a few independent companies and Sears. One thing I have seen people do is buy boxes from chains (so, for example, the Sears cabinets) and have a high end cabinet maker fit them with custom doors.

How tall are the vanity cabinets in a kitchen?

Most vanity cabinets are 18" or 24" in depth and either 31-1/2" or 34-1/2" in height. Good luck on your project! I used some vanity depth cabinets in my last kitchen and in the manufacturer's catalog, they were in with the regular base cabinets, not in with the vanities that are built as one unit freestanding vanities.

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