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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name Shang mean?

Li is both Shang and his father's surname and Mulan's mother's name. It means "plum", but as a first name it means "beautiful". Li Shang. Li is explained above, Shang means "to soar".

What does Shang mean in English?

Definition of Shang. : a Chinese dynasty traditionally dated 1766–1122 b.c. and known especially for bronze work.

What did Shang invent?

Although the Shang Dynasty invented bronze technology they only used it for weapons and religious items, not for everyday tools. Shang Dynasty skilled workers created items of bronze, shells, wood, stone, ceramic, jade, and bone.

What weakened the Shang dynasty?

The last king of the Shang dynasty, Shang Chou, was a cruel man known for his methods of torture. The dynasty had been weakened by repeated battles with nomads and rivaling tribes within China. Shang Chou was ousted by the rebel leader Wu-wang in 1111 B.C.E.

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