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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the city of Aurora do online?

The city has a new tool to help foster meaningful conversations online and to help build lasting relationships with community residents and businesses: Engage Aurora . At a time when many in-person meetings are not possible due to COVID-19, the city wants to make sure we continue to provide a place for community conversations.

What are the departments of the city of Aurora?

A variety of departments in the city of Aurora provide essential services to the residents of Colorado's third largest city. From public safety and street maintenance services to library and cultural services, parks and planning, city of Aurora departments supply the foundation that makes Aurora the flourishing city it is today.

What is the mission of Park Aurora Aurora?

Park Aurora’s mission is to support the growth and development of the Aurora community through the implementation of community-based parking management strategies and coordinated mobility enhancements.

Who is the communications director for Aurora Colorado?

Contact: Greg Baker, 303.739.7081 AuroraTV is your source for local Aurora programming. Join us for weekly community news, City Council meetings and more. Watch Live Video Player is loading.

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