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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the SHD network in the division?

Inside the Decontamination Zones, also known as the Dark Zones, the SHD Network is heavily disrupted. This caused the Division agents who entered the zones to have only proximity comms with other agents nearby.

What is the SHD network in Star Trek?

SHD Network is a system used by the Strategic Homeland Division to assist its personnel throughout different sectors in the organization. Long before the outbreak, several infrastructures had been set up throughout the entire country and created a network which will seamlessly connect all Division personnel to ISAC and its utilities.

What does the division network do for Alexa?

Alexa Notifications Division Networkis requesting the following: Alexa Notifications Allow this skill to send you notifications, which you can retrieve by asking, “Alexa, what are my notifications?”. Some devices may not support notification sounds or lights. Manage Permissions

What happens when you reactivate the SHD network?

After you reactivate the SHD network, a short, sappy cutscene will play. Obviously, a lot of people aren’t in the mood for it and just want to get on with the game. Some of them end up getting stuck in this limbo where they can’t progress any further. There have been several reports of a workaround.

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