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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shein good quality?

A brand called Shein became a favorite of many consumers, influencers and even professionals during the pandemic. Its price is cheap, the style is diverse, and the quality is good, more importantly, it is an online brand.

Is Shein a legitimate company?

SheIn is a legitimate place to shop for young, hip clothing that you can't find anywhere else. This site specializes in bringing fresh looks to women all around the world by providing apparel that is in-style, durable and inexpensive. Nov 1 2019

Is Shein a real site?

The short answer is yes, SHEIN is legit. SHEIN is a real company, with real clothes, and they are not a scam website. In my own personal experience, SHE has been (mostly) legit. Now let me explain.

Is Shein clothing good?

SheIn seems to be a good company for finding the clothing that is all the rage in the fashion capitals of the world at any given time. The website is very well-organized as well, making it a breeze to find the style or size that you're searching for without a lot of time or trouble. Nov 1 2019

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