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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Shentel?

What you do on line, the people you call, and the shows you watch matter. Shentel brings you High-Speed Internet, Home Phone and Digital TV usually found only in the big cities. Shentel is proud to be a partner in the communities we service. Bringing you the fastest High-Speed Internet, the clearest Home Phone and the sharpest TV services.

Where does Shentel offer Internet access?

Shentel offers internet access in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. Cable internet from Shentel is available to an estimated 412,000 people, making it the 26th largest residential cable provider in the U.S. by coverage area. In addition to cable broadband, Shentel also offers fiber, copper, and DSL internet service.

Is Shentel available in Virginia?

As a smaller regional provider, available only in select areas of Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia, Shentel offers an impressive selection of internet speeds and TV channels. Do I have to be home for Shentel cable service to be installed?

Is Shentel owned by Sprint?

Shentel, officially Shenandoah Telecommunications Company, is a publicly traded telecommunications company headquartered in Edinburg, Virginia. It operates a digital wireless and wireline network in rural Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. Shentel operates its wireless division as a Sprint affiliate, serving 1,006,874 subscribers.

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