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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy shipping supplies for eBay?

ebay Shipping Supplies. The eBay Shipping Supply Store sells quality eBay branded supplies designed with sellers in mind. We work hard to make sure that all of our branded products are as eco-friendly as possible, yet still provide the strength and flexibility our customers expect from high-end packaging materials.

How much weight can a plastic shipping bag hold?

While plastic bags and poly shipping bags are light in feeling, many of them can hold up to 17 pounds. The key to keeping your plastic bag strong is to check for holes or weak spots. If the bag is strong before your clothes and other goods are packed, the bag is likely to hold up.

What kind of bags are good for packing clothes?

Plastic: When you need to pack smaller items or clothes that don't require protection, plastic packing without polyethylene or polypropylene is suitable. Polypropylene bags: Clear poly bags are excellent for t-shirts and other light clothes.

Why do you need a clear shipping bag?

A clear shipping bag is designed to provide protection while allowing you to see the contents. When packing for your next trip or preparing to send out gifts, find the packing material that will keep your item safe. What materials are packing and shipping bags made of?

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