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Frequently Asked Questions

Is "short sword" the standard medieval sword?

While these weapons were big, they were by no means unwieldy. Short swords typically were used with a shield or buckler. They were the standard military sword of the knight (merely called a war sword) until technological changes led to the rise of the longsword or bastard-sword during the 14th century.

What are the dimensions of a short sword?

The blade is typically from 12 to 20 in (30 to 50 cm) long with a sharp point. An average short sword costs 10 gp and weighs 2 lb (0.9 kg). First edition D&D defined the short sword as "all pointed cutting & thrusting weapons with blade length between 15 in (38 cm) and 24 in (61 cm).".

What is the standard length for a sword blade?

For those intending to mount the sword or saber on a wall and having no intention of executing manual of arms (draw sword, present arms, parade rest, etc.), blade length is not critical. A 30-inch blade length is the most common length, generally fitting those between 5'8" and 5'11" in height.

What is the short sword called?

Common Sword Types Bayonet: A short to medium length blade adapted to fit the muzzle end of a rifle. ... Broadsword: A sword with a wide blade used for slashing and cutting rather than thrusting. Claymore: Large heavy Scottish double-edged variant of the late medieval two-handed sword. ... Cutlass: Heavy short sword with curved single-edged blade used by sailors and pirates More items...

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